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As a magazine about what to do and what to expect when visiting West Sussex, we are always looking for more writers to join our team and write informative articles about the county.

We strive in bringing relevant information to our readers on inns, pubs, and nearby attractions to see. To write for Duke of York magazine, all applicants will be required to submit example works of writing about the tourism industry in Sussex.

Being able to write reviews on pubs and inns will add great value to our consideration of applicants. Restaurant, food, and drink topics will need to be done with interesting titles. Good skills in the English language, punctuation, grammar, and spelling stands as a vital requirement for us to consider you in joining our magazine to write informative articles.

All applicants will need to have good knowledge about West Sussex County and what it has to offer to visitors. Some of the most popular topics we cover include where to find the best-rated inns and accommodation options, and the best pubs in the county.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an asset to this magazine, you can contact us on our contact page for more information on how to join the Duke of York writing team. Living in West Sussex is vital for our consideration for any applicant.

Pubs, food, drinks, and accommodation in West Sussex