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Online Slot Games to Enjoy at Pubs

Sussex has many great pubs, restaurants, and inns to enjoy while visiting for a holiday or a weekend break. With many things to do and attractions to see, the pubs are one of the most popular among visitors to the town.

Making the experience of going to a pub in Sussex even more enjoyable, you can play online casino games from mobile devices. Griffon online casino can be used from any pub in Sussex and provides bonuses, claim the bonus here.

Paddy’s Pub Online Slot

Paddy’s pub slot game was developed by Booming Games and stands as an extremely dynamic slot with low variance and a small reel set. The 3D designed graphics give the game a realistic look and feel for pub crawlers and beer lovers. The slot has 3 reels and 5 paylines providing the player with the chance to win small amounts frequently.

Drinks on the Beach

Drinks on the Beach provides a powerful playing experience developed by Playtech with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The game has high-quality graphics with great betting values and pay-outs. The player can win up to 10 000 points by getting the wild symbol. The symbols included are beer, cocktails, and other drinks. Enjoy this slot game from any pub in West Sussex.

Quest for Beer

Quest for beer is a slot game about Scandinavian seafarers on a quest to find beer. The game has wild and scattered symbols providing great winnings. Some of the features of the game include symbols of beer and beer kegs, free spins, and a bonus round. The game was developed by Microgaming who is one of the most popular developers of online slot games.

As these games all have themes of pubs and drinks, they are fun to play at pubs or when doing a pub crawl in West Sussex.

Must-See Attractions in West Sussex

When visiting West Sussex, there are many things to do and see for relaxation or entertainment. There are many trips to book throughout the county to enjoy as larger groups or families including outdoor and indoor activities. All these nearby attractions provide a memorable experience to visitors of the county.

Southdown Gun Club

The Southdown Gun Club is located near Findon in Worthing. The club is one of the largest grounds used for clay shooting. It’s a fun experience especially for those who have not yet taken part in clay pigeon shooting.

A qualified instructor will be guiding you throughout the whole process to ensure safety and a fun memorable experience. They also have a have-a-go-shooting area for beginners to enjoy easy-open targets.

Manning’s Heath

Manning’s Heath is a luxury golf and wine estate perfect for a day out to enjoy beautiful scenic views in the county. They offer world-class golf facilities and is the perfect destination as a wedding venue. Wine tasting at Manning’s Heath is one of the most enjoyable experiences from this estate. All their wines are locally sourced and can be ordered with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Warnham Local Nature Reserve is a 92-acre nature reserve with fun experiences and beautiful scenic views. They offer the Warnham Discovery Trail which follows the paths and boardwalks surrounding the millpond. The site also has over 400 species of plants and over 100 species of birds to be seen when going on the trail.

Mud Mayhem

Mud Mayhem has a variety of tracks around East Grinstead and Horsham. They offer something for all adrenaline junkies with a fun experience of 4×4 driving through the county’s trails. There are a variety of options to choose from with off-road buggy’s, land rovers, or jeeps. As long as the individuals are over the age of 17, they can take part in this great activity.

These activities can be enjoyed for relaxation as well as for an exciting and fun experience for all visitors staying in inns and hotels in West Sussex.

Traditional Meals of West Sussex: Seven Good Things of Sussex

The seven good things of Sussex can be found in many pubs and restaurants throughout West Sussex and is one of the most popular activities to take part in by tourists. It stands as the 7 main traditional meals and dishes which West Sussex is famous for.

Pulborough Eels – Fish

Pulborough Eels are boiled, double-crust suet pastry filled with chopped eel, pork, eel stock, chopped onions, hard-boiled eggs, and parsley. The name comes from the eels being caught in Pulborough which is one of the most popular freshwater fishing spots in Sussex.

Post image Traditional Meals of West Sussex Seven Good Things of Sussex Selsey Cockle - Traditional Meals of West Sussex: Seven Good Things of Sussex

Selsey Cockle

Selsey Cockle can be found in most smaller eating spots in West Sussex. Cockles are a range of shellfish species that are used in a variety of ways for snacks, starters, and cocktails.

Chichester Lobster

Chichester in West Sussex is known for its quality lobster dishes. The dishes can be found in most seafood restaurants in the county. Some of the restaurants to try to find Chichester lobster is Cote, The Crab & Lobster, and Crown & Anchor.

Post image Traditional Meals of West Sussex Seven Good Things of Sussex Rye Herring - Traditional Meals of West Sussex: Seven Good Things of Sussex

Rye Herring

Herrings are a favourite among many visitors to Sussex. As the herrings are seasonal only for September, they should be tried when you have the chance to.

Arundel Mallets

Arundel Mallets are served in West Sussex with a sauce made of fish stock with wine and onions. The dish is seen as one of the most popular fish dishes in West Sussex.

Amberley Trout

Amberley trout stands as one of the seven good things of Sussex with high popularity to tourists. The dish contains deboned Trout Meuniere with almonds, butter, and parsley.

Post image Traditional Meals of West Sussex Seven Good Things of Sussex Bourne Wheatear - Traditional Meals of West Sussex: Seven Good Things of Sussex

Bourne Wheatear

The Bourne Wheatear is part of the seven good things that Sussex tradition adds to their cuisine. Although not found easily, many people indulge in the dish to experience the culture of Sussex.

Traditional Sussex Cuisine

The historic county of Sussex has traditional meals to be enjoyed by all visitors of restaurants and pubs. These meals have been one of the returning points for many who believe the county has some of the most unique meals to enjoy on a getaway.

Many tourists take part in indulging in what is known as the ‘’seven good things of Sussex’’. The seven good things of Sussex include Selsey Cockle, Pulborough eel, Chichester lobster, Rye herring, Amberley trout, Arundel Mullet, and Bourne Wheatear. Other than being famous for these seven dishes, they are also well known for having a variety of their traditional puddings including Sussex blanket pudding and Sussex Bacon pudding.

Post image Traditional Sussex Cuisine lobster - Traditional Sussex Cuisine

The traditional speciality bread known as Lady Arundel’s market includes a recipe that was first published in the 17th century and is still being used in many market towns and pubs in West Sussex.

Sussex is the perfect destination for all beer and wine aficionados as they have been producing beer for centuries. Some of the most traditional and well-known breweries include the 18th-century beer brewers, Harveys of Lewes, as well as many newly established craft brewers with a passion for creating the perfect brew.

Post image Traditional Sussex Cuisine wine - Traditional Sussex Cuisine

With Sussex also producing some of the best wines in the UK, they have been awarded awards such as the 2006 best sparkling wine in the world at the Decanter World Wine Awards and reaching international acclaim for being a destination for wine lovers. The county has over 23 vineyards and the largest cluster of vineyards in the UK.

At least 30 different types of apples originate in Sussex including Knobbed Russet, Crawley Reinette, and Egremont Russet. The Granny Smith apple was first produced in Sussex which is why the apple is named after Maria Ann Smith who was a native to Sussex.